“When I first came to the BringForthYouth Program I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know that what I learned inside that open yet cozy class room would change my outlook on life, my relationships, and my own emotions. What I learned most of all was that I didn’t have to wallow in self-pity anymore because I could find a path to happiness and peacefulness within myself.

I never thought that by walking through that door I could learn meditative techniques that could change my life. I’ve found that after this program I’m a more peaceful person, and I have a more gentle, peaceful demeanor to the people I know.

I’ve learned to manage my anger in better ways than just holding it all in – now I let it go through meditation and by grounding myself in a happier place. I’ve attained a path that can help me heal my problems and let me reflect on them in a more positive way.

Everything that I learned in that serene class room taught me more than any subject or teacher in school ever could. I learned some important life lessons there and I will forever hold that knowledge and experience in my heart and soul as well as in my head.”

High School Student, age 17