Summer Youth Program: Ages 12-14

Empowerment & Leadership Program

Ages 12-14

This program for teens provides guidance and an environment to create authentic self-expression and leadership in one’s life, experience peace and love within oneself and build enjoyable relationships with others.

Schedule: Monday – Thursday 10am-12pm

Location: BringForth Studio, 2031 W Warner, Chicago, IL 60618

Tuition: $699 per student for 5-day Group Summer Camp

Register: 773-525-5006 or elsbethmeuth @

Being a teen comes with a lot of change and new experiences. Some are fun experiences like hanging out with your best friend. Others can be stressful and uncomfortable such as the pressures of school or the fights with a parent. Sometimes life might feel like a rollercoaster that is full of ups and downs. One day you may feel totally happy and cool, and the next day feel lonely and angry.

The BringForth Youth Program is a fun and interactive way to explore the different twists and turns of the roller coaster and learn skills to help you enjoy the ride! Meditation and breathing exercises used in the program will let you relax and feel good in your body and mind. You will use them again throughout your life to help you when you get ready for a big test, or go on a first date. In the workshop, you will play games, act out role plays, listen to music, make your own collage, and make new friends.

The camp will let you discover and share your own unique passions and interests that make you who you are! Knowing who you are and how you feel is an important step to how you interact with friends, parents, and teachers. Teen life can be challenging, but through BringForth Youth you can discover your own strengths that will allow you to enjoy each moment and have as much fun as possible!

The Youth Program for 12-14 year-old students is designed to assist in developing and cultivating:

  1. Focus and stillness
  2. Emotional awareness & intelligence
  3. Relational and social literacy
  4. Creativity and self-expression
  5. Physical and spiritual well-being

These five core capacities promote integration of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the youth.

Students will learn about and engage in:

  • Conscious breathing and meditation
  • Energy awareness practices
  • Listening to their body and feelings as an access to their authentic self
  • Partner practices to cultivate relational and social awareness

The BringForthYouth approach combines ancient Eastern traditions with Western technology involving practices and processes of conscious breathing, meditation, energy awareness and conversational exercises that encourage listening to oneself and others as well as authentic self-expression. The outcome for the youth is a greater sense of peace, joy and fulfillment in their life and relationships.

BringForthYouth is in its sixth year of offering this powerful & successful summer camp for kids.

For further information and registration please contact:

BringForthYouth at 773-525-5006 or elsbethmeuth @

Program Leaders and Instructors:

Elsbeth Meuth, Ed.D., is the Executive Director of BringForth, Inc. She has worked with thousands of youth, parents, teachers, counselors and coaches at the elementary, secondary and higher education levels in the US and Europe over the past four decades. She holds a Doctorate in Education and a Master’s Degree in Music Education and is trained as an ontological design, executive and relationship coach. During her tenure at the Community Music Center of Boston she taught and managed performing arts programs at elementary through high school levels reaching annually over 3,000 students in the Boston Public Schools.

Mr. Freddy Zental Weaver is the Artistic Director at BringForthYouth, Inc. and has worked as a teacher and a district wide human relationship counselor in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and is trained as a relationship coach. He leads BringForth’s transformational theatre workshops and is a performing artist and accomplished percussionist with a one-man show touring the United States.