School Programs

Empowerment & Leadership

This program for teens provides guidance and an environment to create authentic self-expression and leadership in one’s life, experience peace and love within oneself and build enjoyable relationships with others.

Results & Outcomes:

Through participating in the Bringforth program students will build and develop capacities such as:

  • Emotional awareness, emotional intelligence and mastery
  • Relational and social literacy
  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Physical and spiritual well-being
  • A sense of being at choice versus a victim
  • Balance between wants and responsibility

These six core capacities promote profound integration of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the youth. The outcomes for the youth are a greater sense of peace and joy, authentic self-expression and a capacity to create fulfillment in their life and relationships.


The BringForth approach combines ancient Eastern traditions with Western technology involving practices and processes of conscious breathing, meditation, energy awareness and communication exercises. These practices and processes assist in clearing misconceptions of Self allowing for a shift towards effective behavior and actions. The youth are left with a sense of greater joy, freedom and responsibility in life.

  • Program activities involve:
  • Conscious breathing, stillness and meditation practices
  • Energy awareness
  • Theatre exercises and role play
  • Music and movement
  • Drumming circles
  • Listening and communication exercises
  • Conversations that matter to teens

BringForthYouth programs in schools are typically scheduled for a minimum of 3 months entailing weekly classes with students, accompanying teacher meetings throughout the program, and pre and post sessions involving parents. Programs are designed according to requirements and needs of the individual school, the student body, parents, faculty and administration.

Program Structure:

The BringForthYouth Schools Program offers a couple of different program structures to accommodate the schools particular needs.

  1. One structure stretches the program over two to three months entailing weekly class sessions with students, accompanying teacher meetings as needed throughout the program, and pre and post sessions involving parents.
  2. The other structure provides a 4-week intensive entailing three class sessions per week, accompanying teacher meetings as needed throughout the program, and pre and post sessions involving parents.

Whatever structure a school may prefer, the program would be customized according to its requirements and the needs of its student body, parents and faculty and administration.

Students share what they got from the Youth Program:

“When I first came to the BringForthYouth Program I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know that what I learned inside that open yet cozy class room would change my outlook on life, my relationships, and my own emotions. What I learned most of all was that I didn’t have to wallow in self-pity anymore because I could find a path to happiness and peacefulness within myself.

I never thought that by walking through that door I could learn meditative techniques that could change my life. I’ve found that after this program I’m a more peaceful person, and I have a more gentle, peaceful demeanor to the people I know.

I’ve learned to manage my anger in better ways than just holding it all in – now I let it go through meditation and by grounding myself in a happier place. I’ve attained a path that can help me heal my problems and let me reflect on them in a more positive way.

Everything that I learned in that serene class room taught me more than any subject or teacher in school ever could. I learned some important life lessons there and I will forever hold that knowledge and experience in my heart and soul as well as in my head.”

High School Student, age 17

“I find myself using the exercises and techniques that I learned in my everyday life. When I have a difficult situation or am stressed I remember to breathe and I try to balance myself and feel grounded so that I can go on. I learned how important breathing is and how to visualize energy going from each chakra to the next while at the same time feeling if it is balanced or not. By doing this, I have learned to be at center with myself.

Elsbeth and Freddy Zental helped me to find ways to deal with problems that I have with certain people. Some exercises taught how to confront emotions that were stored inside and gave ways to deal with them. We learned that while we could not change the past, we could rewrite the story. By doing this and then acting out the new story we got to see and feel how we can shift our feelings about the past as well as in the present. We learned that we can choose our feelings — which one to go with or not.

I, for one, am very glad that I was asked to be a part of this program. The experience was amazing and I hope to carry what I have learned on with me for the rest of my life.”

High School Student, age 16

BringForth Faculty Experience and Skill Sets:

Elsbeth Meuth, Ed.D., is the Executive Director of BringForth, Inc. She has worked with thousands of youth, parents, teachers, counselors and coaches at the elementary, secondary and higher education levels in the US and Europe over the past four decades. She holds a Doctorate in Education and a Master’s Degree in Music Education and is trained as an ontological design, executive and relationship coach. During her tenure at the Community Music Center of Boston she taught and managed performing arts programs at elementary through high school levels reaching annually over 3,000 students in the Boston Public Schools.

Mr. Freddy Zental Weaver is the Artistic Director at BringForthYouth, Inc. and has worked as a teacher and a district wide human relationship counselor in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and is trained as a relationship coach. He leads BringForth’s transformational theatre workshops and is a performing artist and accomplished percussionist with a one-man show touring the United States.

Extended BringForthYouth Faculty: A number of teachers, practitioners, counselors and coaches that are certified in the BringForthYouth approach and methodology are brought in by BringForthYouth, Inc. on a project basis.

For further information and to register your child please contact: Dr. Elsbeth Meuth 773-525-5006 or elsbethmeuth @